Freaking out!!!


In December 2017 I found out 4 days before Christmas I was expecting #3. I miscarried on the first rain of the new year January 8 in the morning. It was the worst pain I’d been in, physically and mentally. Fast forward 6mo later I got pregnant again. We were so excited. The excitement turned to pain once again. While on vacation August 8th I started spotting. I had been on the phone with my doctors and nurses checking my levels to see if they were rising or not. Later that night my husband drive me to the hospital bc the bleeding got worse and worse. The hospital confirmed I was having a miscarriage. This afternoon I was standing in line at the dollar tree and had the urge to pick up a test. Took once I got home, and bam 💥 positive before the control line! I decided to grab a test because this past week I’ve been very emotional and having strange dreams.

With that being said, I’m terrified! I’m so scared it’s going to happen again, and literally had a panic attack, crying and pleading to god, to not take my baby. Im not sure what to do, or how to feel! I’m sooooooo scared.