Please tell me this is real 😭😭😭


I’ve been ttc for almost 12+ years 3 miscarriages nothing but heart ache and long to be a mother I wanted to give up and out of the blue today after work I take a test. Please ttc sisters pray my bean is sticky

Update: had my beta HCG done I’m 2 weeks along. The test line is way darker!!!

So I call my husband shortly after finding out. I was a big teary mess and not audible at all he comes straight home in a panic and checking if I was alright. When I told him he was in complete disbelief with 3 miscarriages he was hesitant to be excited. well after getting my labs done to prove that I am in fact pregnant he became emotional and had to tell his family i know it’s to early to announce but he was worse then us woman he called everyone. Im truly happy and over the moon with my husbands excitement.

Thank you for recommending that I should have my progesterone checked. I’m getting a sorts of labs done tomorrow morning to see if I need to be started on progesterone. I work within a residency program and we have OB faculty doctors so I’m staying within (so happy I don’t have to leave work ☺️)

I have a great team and competently trust them with my health and unborn child. my ob doc is amazing and is doing what ever she can so I can keep my bean.

To all my ttc sister stay strong and don’t give up. I know “stay strong and don’t give up” is posted every where in this group but don’t give up. each and everyone of us has our ttc journey, either with PCOS(which I have) or another problem causing infertility. Left those that head and don’t let your crown tilt because infertility does not define you as a woman and it doesn’t make you less of a woman either. What do we have if we don’t have hope?