Need some advice about smoking inlaws

Hey everyone, I need some advice.

My baby girl was just born 7 weeks ago and I have told anyone who smokes do not smoke before coming to see my baby and making sure they wear fresh clean clothes.

My mother-in-law is a smoker and she smokes inside her house.during my pregnancy I have had conversations with my partner about how his mother smokes inside and how I don't want to take our baby around to her house if she continues to do so. So far it's been great because the visitors have only been coming to our house. However my mother-in-law asked if we would come to lunch at her place instead and said she won't be smoking inside.

She does have a disability so she is in pain and is feeling quite sore at the moment so that's why she wanted us to come to her house. However I still don't feel comfortable because she still smokes inside her house and to me it doesn't make any difference whether she's going to be smoking at that time or not.. that there's still the smoking residue.

**I'm a non smoker and whenever I leave her house my clothes and hair smell like smoke. I hate cigarette smoke!

My partner told her that we can still smell the cigarette smoke inside the house, even if she isn't smoking at the time. MIL got offended and is now not happy and saying that I take our baby to MY parents house and that it sucks having a disability which makes it harder for her. I feel for her because of her disability but she forgets that my parents are NON-smokers and that if she didn't smoke inside a house I would be happy to go around there!!

I don't think I'm being over-the-top. Of course I hate confrontation and I hate making things awkward but I'm just looking out for the health of our baby.. can anyone relate to the situation and if so what did you do?