There's no chance that I could be pregnant but...

My boyfriend and I don't see each other often, so when we do, we do it often. We always use condoms because neither of us want kids right now. I'm not on the pills because the last time I used it, I didn't feel much of anything, no sex drive, and gained plenty of weight. Not a lot of options in the country I'm living.

On the last day of my period (and our vacation,) the condom slipped off, and he finished inside me. I took the morning after pills within the hour. So there's no chance that I could be pregnant, but I'm 10 days late. What's the deal? Has anyone experience this? I have all the usual PMS symptoms: eat a lot, pee a lot, crave sweets, and headaches. I just haven't received the blood.

Update: Thank you guys for all of your info! I have decided to not stress about it and take the test at 3 weeks, and every week after that until I get my period or the inevitable positive.

Update: Got my period and loving the cramps 😆