Adding father to daughter birth cert.


So when I had my daughter 3 years ago I wasnt able to put her dads name on the birth certificate due to being legally married to my ex. (Ohio law states if a child is conceived or born within 300 days of still being married the husband is the presumed father). Unfortunately due to finances and a little anxiety I'm still married. (No judgement pls) so we are currently going through the process for my daughters father (whom I live with and have been in a relationship from the beginning). This process has to be done through the child support agency. They can order a DNA test to establish paternity for the bio father and I can have my husbands name removed and his added. We got an order in the mail today with the date for the dna testing. It also says things in the letter about how the father can pursue visitation ect. The case worker informed me that they cant make him pay child support because we live in the same house. Hes not convinced because the letter said things about a trial and a judge will order things regarding financial and medical care of the minor child. Hes stressing me out and he was the one making a big deal about me procrastinating so long to do this.

It will also be beneficial and less expensive to take care of the divorce if I dont have to do it legally with my daughter involved and have to get paternity testing done against my husband.

I will have baby #2 with the same father in a few weeks I know I will have to go through the same process with her because my husbands name will automatically go on the birth cert.

Any one go through something like this?