Milk supply help!?!


Hey Mamas ,

I need help with upping my supply.

I was a long induction, which ultimately ended in C-section and a first time mom ( all 3 strikes against me according to the LC) was told my milk would be delayed due to these factors and could possibly be dwindled once it does come in.

Little one has a great latch and is a good eater but I'm just not making enough.

She will be 3 weeks on sunday and my milk finally came in around day 10. We have been supplementing since day 3 because she was losing too much weight , it is going well but I'd really love to get her fully back to breast and be able to start a freezer stash for when I go back to work. Right now I nurse her both sides , offer any pumped BM and the supplement 1.5-2oz of formula. I am also pumping after nursing ( about 6-8 times a day depending on how the day goes) only pumping 1/2oz to 1oz (that's both breast combined) at best.

I drink a ton of water , try drinking body armor drinks (1-2 a day) , taking Goats rue supplement and even tried the laction cookies.

Anyone have any advice on upping my supply, I'd really hoped we'd be in a good place by now.