Do i still have a chance this month?

I’m a little upset and frustrated. First month taking OPKs and was going based off my app when I ovulated. But regularly taking OPKs 2 to 3/4 times a day around CD 13/14/15. When I never got my surge I thought what the heck. Finally got a real positive on CD 18. So we BD. But then the next day CD 19 I wanted to see if my numbers were dropping and got a higher peak. But we didn’t BD as I was sore from the previous days. Today CD 20 is when it says “I’m ovulating”. I know I did had pressure and cramping in my pelvic area and the boobies are sore. But hubs

fell asleep. He had a long day. Am I still in for this month or is it a “no”? Feel like crying. Maybe if we BD in the am?

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