How many ounces of formula does your 5 month old drink in one feeding?

I had been sending my son to daycare with five 4 oz bottles (three breast milk and 2 formula). Last week, my mom watched my kids and said she’d never make another bottle for my son that was less than 6 oz because he was so hungry. My son’s daycare had never told me anything about him being hungry, so I asked them, and sure enough they said that he is often still sucking for more or even crying after feedings because he was still hungry 😡🤬 I was pissed! They should have told me my baby was still hungry and I would have made him larger bottles!! This week I’ve been sending him to school with two 6 oz breast milk bottles and three 7 oz formula bottles. Does that sound about right for his age??

I had a different job when my daughter was a baby and the daycare was right in my building so I never had to fix her bottles and I could just go down and nurse her, so this is all new to me. My son is exclusively breast fed at home so I didn’t know how much he was needing. I feel like shit that my baby has been hungry at daycare 😢 hopefully he hasn’t been hungry long.

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