32 weeks gestational age. 4 days old πŸ’•

Amber β€’ Wife to Micah πŸ’‘ β€’ Stepmom to A πŸ’™ (7) β€’ Mommy to J πŸ’™ (4) β€’ Mommy to A πŸ’— (1) β€’ NICU mommy to M (32 weeks gestation)

I could share so many pictures ! I have shared a few that have been removed for being to graphic πŸ™„ sorry to all the haters but guys it’s pregnancy and birth ! It’s all natural and perfect and so beautiful . So I can’t stop sharing . My little miracle angel born at 31 weeks . Sweet Mirella Jo β™₯️ I am hoping to post my birth story tomorrow it’s taken me a few days to process the whirlwind of a week !