Dead body where ?!

🎀𝓖𝓲𝓰𝓲🎀 • 10/01/19 Zion Amir 💕💕

So this is sad af. I moved into my new place August 1st, it's a nice apartment nice neighborhood nice people, nice complex but one bad thing a weird putrid smell, kinda like sewage, rotting. Only when walking up to the building tho thought nothing bad of it, maybe just a dead animal near by. Lower level neighbor called maintenance because he thought it could of been a bird or something in the air ducts causing that smell, they checked, nothing. Asked to check toilet lines nothing, I noticed this Saturn ion that never moved an inch since I've moved in thought nothing of it maybe a homebody or works nights. but today! A neighbor noticed hella flies in a window hundreds, so they called maintenance again, so they called the police, police came and knocked and knocked no answer so they had to enter and omg when they opened that door it smelled HORRIBLE, a man in his 30s passed away 😔😔 due to heart attack a month ago 😔 r.i.p 🙏🏼