I need to rant..

Im sorry i just need to let it out, so I’m 10+2 and my MIL is already talking baby shower. I had told her that I wanted to have one big one so she could invite her extended family( my husbands family is HUGE) and then from my side it’s I my be my mom and four siblings but then she told me that she wants to have a separate one at her house so her family can come and all her friends and who know who else but I honestly don’t want another one that’s why I had just thought of one big one, and she’s probably going to invite people I don’t know and that are not going to be around the baby 🙄 idk if I’m exaggerating but it’s just stressing me out bc she always wants things her way and it getting annoying. She didn’t give a crap about my sister in laws baby showers or gender reveals but now she wants a say in this. Idk I really don’t want to stress about this 😐😓