Braxton Hicks question

LunaxMoona🌙 • Expecting in early Oct 17' 💙 Niko Roman Whittaker 💙

I’m 28w2d with my second baby:)

For the last couple of hours I’ve been having what google describes as Braxton Hicks contractions.

I definitely got them with my first but they were more painful.

This time around it’s just mainly the tightening feeling and then your belly gets super hard for a minute or two.

I’ve been having this happen now for over 2 hours on and off every few minutes. They definitely aren’t real contractions. And I am having more symptoms that just the right feeling but they just don’t feel like contractions. But why are they so consistent? Was this ever something that happened to you and it turned out to be something bad? The consistency of it over the last couple of hours is really throwing me off. I don’t remember them being this close together and for such a long time.