Nipple shields

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Anyone else hearing conflicting information?

I had my last wic appointment before lo is to be born the other day. So anyone who has ever been on it knows thats were they want to know if you have the main items needed for baby once born (which I do) and how you plan to feed. Like breast, pump or formula. So I told the first lady I met with I'd love to with this one give breastfeed one last try. I did with ods but it just did not work out the hospital all they could do was help get him latched, wic then all they could offer was a pump. To which she said ok we now offer breastfeeding counselors that you can call anytime once home to get help. Which is cool. So then I told her that's great to know because I know already I'm must likely going to need it. She asked me why I said well based off ods (yes i know all babies are different) my nipples are funny shaped from what the nurse back then told me, one is inverted, my breast size does not make it a 1 man job but that I was told to check out nipple shields this time but how do I know one is the right size & fit for me? She told me well your hospital will have them on hand if you need one. Ok! But that if that wont work I had thought about just pumping then baby will still get it but with a bottle. To which she said the counselors they have could help with that to if that's how the road took us.

Well I'm moved along to the next office asked the same questions. Gave the same answers to which I'm told nipple shields are not something they see as a good thing anymore.

So which is it are they not a good thing for me to even think about trying if and when we get there or are they okay to use. Someone please help!

How do I find the right fitting one?