Can't go to woman's doctor.HELP

So i am 17and i don't have an driver license yet.And i would be very happy to go to an woman's doctor to talk about contraceptions. I got active in sex and i don't want to get pregnant.But my parents don't know that.They know that i have a boyfriend but they don't let us sleep by each other so they thinks that we didn't do it. Soo i can't go alone becuase the hospital is far away. Do you think that an condom and having sex right before and after menstruation is safe?Yes,never without condom.But i can't buy the pills without the doctor.I rather have and bronze implant but for that i need the doctor.Because i am not an fan of hormone contraception.So my first choice wouldn't be the pill!But it's really safe .Condoms are safe too but you have to use them perfect and it can happen anytime that it breaks.So what do u think i should do?