Could I be pregnant with an IUD?


So I got my IUD at the start of January and I know that a lot of women lose their periods after having an IUD for a while, but all my periods up until now have been completely normal and exactly on time. It’s currently 9 days late and I feel miserable. I basically feel like I have my period x10 but no blood. For the past week my lower back hurts, my boobs hurt, my head hurts, I’m super emotional and very tired. The only strange thing is that I’ve been cramping a lot. Normally when I have my period I will cramp on the very first day right before I start bleeding other than that I never have cramps, but lately it’s been like 3 times a day I have to stop, bend over, and just take a minute because the cramps catch me off guard. I’m pretty concerned because I know if I were pregnant the chance of an ectopic pregnancy are very high so I took a pregnancy test this morning (a cheap one from Walmart) and it was a hard negative, not even the hint of a line.

So basically, should I call my doctor and see what’s going on, maybe get some bloodwork done. I just don’t want to keep feeing like this without any answers. Or is this what it’s like when you’re period just goes away from an IUD?