Clogged nipple ducts


Had my baby on the 12th, Monday, and today is Saturday.

My milk flow is super weak, not to mention it hurts like hell when I nurse!

The pediatrician said his latch is fine.

But my nips are starting to scab and my boobs definitely feel full of something! They’re very tender and getting fuller/stiffer

I don’t think it’s a supply issue, I am assuming my ducts are just clogged.

I’ve been using lanolin to ease the pain and heating pads after I feed.

When I try to pump, I get maybe an ounce after 20 minutes (total of 1.5 oz for both sides)

Any advice on how to unclog these sprinkler heads?! I want my babe to get the good stuff but the pediatrician is recommending 2oz of formula a day to help weight gain..