Milk Help!


Hi All!

I am heading back to work in a few weeks and know I have been extremely lucky to be off this long. I’m feeling overwhelmed about milk when I’m gone (along with a million other things!!).

My plan is to breastfeed before work and after work (about 8.5 hours in between) and I have a tiny bit of pumped milk to leave but I also want to slowly transition to whole cows milk. She’s also eating solids and slowly building up more of an appetite for them.

Two questions:

1. How did you gradually transition to cows milk (if you’ve done this)? How much did you give at a time?

2. How much milk will she need while I’m gone (breast or cows)? Right now she nurses 4ish times per day and lots at night as she is still up quite a bit.

Any advice is so appreciated!