Implantation Bleeding or Period coming ?

So sorry to be sharing so much information , this is my first time doing something like this .

Uhm okay i usually have a 28-day cycle , my periods are regular either end or beginning of the month , 5 days a week. I started Depo-Provera shots November 7,2018 after two shots I quit because of the non stop bleeding. So around the beginning of May I had a miscarriage which was chalked up to the depo still being in my system , which meant my fertility was back 2 months after the 12 weeks of pregnancy protection wore off.

My doctor told me even without a period i can still ovulate

I’ve never bled since March of 2019 now here we are in August and I’ve been bleeding and lightly cramping on my lower left abdomen and my back, I’ve been getting these sharp pains in my breasts and left pelvic area . However I have no morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms . I’m 9dpo I had unprotected sex August 8th and I checked my CP and it was high, wet and soft but I couldn’t tell if it was open . My CM as of right now is creamy , white and sticky like and my CP is the same and has been the same since ovulation occurred. I did a urine test at the doctors that came back negative yesterday but I just have no idea what could be going on. Could my period be magically appearing after it’s been gone for months ? Even my doctor said it’ll take over a year to get my period back but I could ovulate as early as 3 months after my 12 weeks were up. If you guys hav any information it would be helpful THANKS !

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