Infertility can go fuck itself. I constantly tell myself, “I never thought I’d be doing this. I never thought it would be summer and I STILL wouldn’t have a baby on the way.” Why were my expectations so out of whack? Maybe because of how we are taught at a young age. People told me stuff like “when you have kids...” or “you can give this to your daughter one day...” And people hint about how a baby shower should be happening soon. Yes. I know all of this SHOULD happen, I’ve spent my life dreaming about it. I want to be a mom. But I’m realizing that maybe all my sadness isn’t actually from myself, it’s from what society has projected upon me for years. Maybe instead of teaching us in school how easy it is to get pregnant, you teach us how it can be really really hard. Maybe instead of teaching us in Catholic schools that procreation is the most important part of marriage, we realize that by saying that, as a Church we are isolating 1 in 8 women. Maybe instead of shying away from our infertile friends, we talk to them and ask them how they are instead of thinking their situation is too awkward,