so recently my ex moved in with me. we dated for a year and a half 4 years ago and now we’re good friends but there’s still a little tension. he sleeps in the same bed as me and we never cuddle or anything but we have had sex since he started living here. lately i’ve really been wanting to have sex but i can’t tell if he is waiting for me to initiate as he did the first time or if he’s just not interested. some nights he does roll over and i can feel him trying to get close but i can’t tell 😭 also i catch him staring at me from time to time but he never makes a move. how should i initiate sex with him if we aren’t romantic towards each other. i feel like he’d be down since we have done it already but i’m just so curious as to how he can be in bed with me and not have sex with me.. or even try ..