Ok so, I started my period yesterday, and the cramps didn’t start to kick in until I was in the car on the way to my grandparents house. It was about a five hour drive and I was beginning to feel carsick as well. I have talked to my mom about getting on something before because of how bad the cramps are and how heavy my period is. She keeps insisting that I am too young for anything other than a cramp medication. But the thing is, no matter what medication I am put on it doesn’t help whatsoever. I am 15 so I can see where she is coming from, I turn 16 in a few months, my sister was about 16 when she began a hormonal birth control. I have been to a doctor and they told me to schedule a gynecologist appointment, this was almost three months ago and my mother has yet to make the appointment. I spent all last night crying and almost throwing up because my cramps were so bad that I could barely breath without feeling like I was being stabbed. My flow is so heavy that within two hours of a pad, I am pretty much bleeding through. My last period was so heavy that I bled through three pairs of pants within 8 hours. I’ve talked to a few people and I get mixed responses, some say to just deal with it but a lot say to get on something because, going to school and working with cramps this bad is not ok. I have had to stay home from school for two days in a row because I couldn’t sit up without it hurting or me almost throwing up. Someone help please. 🙏🏻