Perfect Husband turned into a piece of 💩

Olivia • 22. Student. Momma to Autumn 🍂 due with my second in November 2019💗


Nothing really to update! But I just want to say thank you so much for everyone that has commented and said something nice or shared your own experiences with addicts. I’ve tried to respond to everyone but if I missed you I am sorry! Your all’s kind words give me so much confidence that the decision I made was right. ❤️

Here’s me with (kinda) both my baby girls 😂

My husband and I have been together since I was 16. Married for almost 3 years now. I’m now 22 and pregnant with our second daughter and he is now a full blown alcoholic.. there have been signs over the past couple years but I guess I’ve blown them off due to him still being functioning. He’s in the military and works a lot but and at first it was just a few beers in the evenings to “relax”.

Then we finally get pregnant with our first baby girl and we were so excited bc we had been trying! Well even during my pregnancy he continued to drink more and more just at the house in the evenings and if he ever went out with friends he started drinking insane amounts and was just so messy that no one had a good time. So I obviously was worried but he was leaving for a nine month deployment whenever I was five months pregnant so I guess I brushed it off as him being anxious for the deployment.

Well he actually got to come back from deployment when we had our daughter and they let him stay home and everything was PERFECT.

..... for like two weeks 🙄 then this man drinks ONE night and has just been a complete piece of shit since. It’s been a spiraling mess. He got in trouble with the police for being drunk and acting a fool. He drives our car drunk to the gas station to get more alcohol. He’s become extremely angry at life and verbally abusive towards me. He’s lied and hid alcohol behind my back after promising he’d stop. He Spent an unnecessary amount of money on alcohol so that basically my part time paychecks were just funding his habit. I stayed because he keeps saying he’d stop and I was stupid enough to believe him.

Then I got pregnant when our daughter was only 5 months old.. I was on birth control and we hardly had sex due to him being drunk most of the time. So this was honestly devastating news for me because now I definitely felt stuck in a very toxic situation. Fast forward to when I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I FINALLY left! He got drunk while watching our daughter alone. Like blackout drunk... and that was it. I came home and packed up my daughter, our two dogs and just anything else of ours I could fit into my Ford Focus and drove 17 hours away to our hometown to stay with my mom.

It’s now been a couple months. I’m 27 weeks pregnant now and I’ve been working two jobs to get me and my daughter (and doggos) our very own place! Here’s my daughter reading in her new room while I decorate! 💕 she will have to share with baby sister here soon until Mommy finishes school and can get a better income and a real big house with lots of bedrooms but for now it’s perfect!