Breastfeeding 101. Long post

I'm due with my second child next month, and am really hoping breastfeeding goes 100x better this time around.

With my first it hurt since day 1, when they put him on my boob right after labor. For 2 days I complained to the nurses about it hurting and they always just repositioned him which helped for a little bit. Well on the day they came in with the pediatrician they weighed him and grew concerned since he wasn't gaining any weight. And I told them how it was hurting when he fed no matter what and how I've complained about it several times. Well come to find out he had a tongue tie. The nurses, pediatrician, and lactation consultant all made me feel like absolute shit and like it was my fault. The nurse even went as far as assuming that my husband was the reason why I was crying 🀬 she then sent in a counselor even. Anyways, I just decided to pump since that day because my nipples were overly in pain at this point and the correction from the tongue tie had to heal. I exclusively pumped for about 2 months until my supply dried up.

So with this baby I'm praying for a better outcome. But I do have some questions about breastfeeding as I still am going in blind to all this.

What is a let down?

What is cluster feeding and how do I know it's happening?

How do I know which boob to put baby on?

Do you rotate them each feeding?

Please any information you can give, give! I want this time to be successful.


I know it's going to hurt. Especially since my nipples were already so sensitive. But this was completely different. Unless you've had a baby with a tongue tie you probably wouldnt understand. My nipples were pretty much raw.