Hey guys need alittle help. I'm new.


So im currently new to all of this. I have 2 children. One when I was 15, one when I was 17. It was SUPER EASY getting pregnant with those two. I now am 19 and we want to try one last time but its so difficult.. A year ago I got told I had PCOS after we had been trying for a baby but not hard, just having un protected sex.... Well with all that being said, even with my doctor putting me on meds to keep my period regular I still just couldnt get pregnant. So now im at my ends with this and ive dicided to commit to it and actually track my periods, ovulation, ect. My last period was July 20th start date till July 31st. So it was a long period. Technically I ovulated on the 7th of this month with my period starting in 4 days. Could i still attempt to try? We are gonna have sex multiple times in good positions. Any help? Any advice? We really want this!!!! This is my ovulation test today. Its a faint line. Can we still try?