Toddlers and periods


Can’t even let me have my period in peace 😭❤️🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t even be mad at him !


I decided to leave the pads on the door and grab one every time I need one lol 😪😪

Edit #2

So my son for some reason since he was younger has a habit of putting anything sticky on his face to sleep he has to have a sticker or tape or bandage it’s his comfort it’s used to be the tags on blankets so he refuses to give up one of my pads because it’s sticky so he literally goes to sleep with a pad stuck to his face !!!

So he refused to leave the pad at home he swears he was gonna get lucky and take it out in public his cousin (girl 5 yrs old) asked me what it was lol I said sticker , but she didn’t believe me she knew lol