Sex drive


So I broke up with my long time bf since March, I haven’t been taking men seriously at all anymore since they always cheat. Last month there was a girl at a party great personality but I don’t date women we’ll never have. To me she looks like a guy and kinda acts like one. We’ve been as far as kissing and a little more but I can’t go down on her because it’s gross to me. So my guy best friend from high school we were hanging out and had sex but it was fast because I couldn’t stand the idea of it being my friend so I barely kissed him at all I just needed the urge to go away. I’ve been feeling so sexually frustrated and I’m hanging out with a friend after work tonight and I’ve been wanting sex all day and I don’t like the idea of me having sex with someone I don’t really have an interest to so I feel messy. Yet the girl messages me all the time.