My boyfriend is acting weird


Okay so I’m in a long distance relationship okay so we talk every day all day but lately he’s been really weird for one he takes forever to answer my text, or he just leaves me on read, doesn’t answer my FaceTime calls or normal calls. And this has been going on for about a week now. I know you guys might think I’m over thinking it but he would always respond within 2 minutes at the max he would send me a good morning and good night text and we would call asleep on FaceTime but not anymore I feel like he doesn’t want to talk to me. I’m I over reacting?

Update: I asked him if he was okay that I noticed him acting different, and you wanna know what he did, he left me on read. YEPPP on read.

Update: He texted me and we started talking again about our plans problems and at the end we where all good and I thought we where okay but no, he then proceeded to post a picture of him and a girl hugging and a video of them kissing on his story. I feel bad, like a piece of garbage I just don’t know how he could just do that like it’s nothing, like I’m nothing and that my feelings don’t matter. I know I should be crying for this piece of shit but I am and I’m hating myself even more for it.