Pink spotting??

Jocelyn • Baby S 🌻

Im currently 27 weeks and today when I used the restroom after peeing I wiped and noticed pink. I wiped again for like 3 more times and there was still pink splotches. I feel fine tho, no cramps, no fever, no lower back pain & baby is still moving as usual.

Used the restroom again 5-6 hours later after the first time and I see the pink splotches again. It’s not enough to stain my underwear but it still has me worried. It’s the weekend so I don’t know whether to wait it out until Monday or go to the ER.

Husband & I were last intimate like 2-3 days ago, I don’t know if it’s from that. I spent the day cleaning as well so I don’t know if I just over did it.. has this happened to anyone?? Should I just go to the ER??