Opinions on Starting My Own Business!


I need opinions about something. I am wanting to start my own tutoring. It would be super cheap and even have free session give aways every month. With specials near holidays and discounts.

How would you feel about a tutoring service that’s completely online? It would be either through Discord or through email, whichever the person prefers.


The payment would be sent through PayPal since that’s all i have. Also, there would four tutoring options available.

1. $8 monthly- 1 hour sessions once a week

2. $12 monthly- 1 hour sessions twice a week

3. $20 monthly- 1 hour sessions, as many as the customer wants/needs during the month as long as time and schedules allow

4. $5- a single 1 hour session

Subjects will include:

ACT & PSAT help, various sciences, various social sciences, essay/paper reviews, APA/MLA format help, etc.

Also, how would you recommend advertising for this? I have an Associate’s of Arts and currently working on my Bachelor’s of Science.

Any advice/opinions are welcome!