No sex drive :(

I have absolutely zero sex drive since gettin pregnant and having our baby. I’m 3 months pp and sex is the furthest thing from my mind.

My husband makes smart remarks often about it and it really hurts my feelings. I finally gave it to him at 2 months pp after offering a BJ to him and him saying he’d rather just have nothing. We did it and it hurt and was NOT enjoyable. We haven’t done it since but our anniversary was on the 12th and I planned on doing it then just because. I told him ahead of time that he was gonna get lucky and he said “wow you mean I actually get it for once”. Mood killer for the mood that wasn’t even there. Spoiler alert.: he didn’t get it after that crap.

Well today when he got off work I was in an especially good mood. Me and the baby had been dancing around and singing love songs and just being happy. Well I started grinding my butt on him just being playful and he said “can’t believe your touching me.” I immediately stopped because like usual he hurt my feelings.

I brought it up tonight and it ended with him saying “don’t worry I’ll never ask for it again. I’ll take care of it myself”

Anytime I offer to “fix” him he refuses because he wants sex. But yet he can fix himself?! He should be grateful I’m willing to do anything st all even though I’m not in the mood. I had planned on trying to make sex a priority to make him happy but with all the smart comments I just don’t feel like he deserves it especially when I don’t even want it.

I have no clue what to do. I doubt my sex drive is ever coming back and my attraction to my husband is going away with every dang comment he makes :(