Weight Loss help


Okay ladies I need some help. These pictures are 3 months apart, grey sweater taken today.

I’ve been working out about 6 days a week these past few months(granted I have missed a few days here and there) started at 215(I’m 5’6) and now I’m down to 188

I’ve changed up my diet to protein and veggies, cut out sugar(let me tell you it is HARD) I truly don’t see much of a difference except in my arms and calves. I workout at home mostly since I don’t always have access to a car(bf works long shifts and we car share) but despite the weight loss I can’t shake these love handles. My goal is to be down 60 pounds, so around 150. I just need some hints and workout techniques that helped you guys lose that weight. I’ve always been a little heavier and I’m just ready to be comfortable in my skin. It’s so hard to stay motivated looking at these side by side honestly