Introduction - 5th IVF cycle praying for a miracle

Amy • ttc #1 for 6yr One chemical pregnancy and surgery for cervical cancer. Three IVF failed cycles. Now cc free, and considering our next steps!

Hi all, we are due to start our 5th cycle on day one of my next AF (start of sept probably). This will be a FET cycle with two of our frozen 4 embryos. We have said we won’t do another fresh so these 4are our only hope. We have been ttc for 6/7 years with only a couple of chemicals (longest 6weeks). I’m 37 and hubby is 49, I have mild PCOS and a history of cervical cancer but otherwise our fertility is unexplained. We’ve had 4 transfers of 5day blasts with no success. This time we are trying something new, we’ve changed clinics and are trying an unmedicated FET. We are also putting 2 back for first time ever (risky with my cervix) and trying blood thinners. I had a hysteroscope and end if July to prep uterus. I’m feeling very anxious and stressed about this cycle. I need any words of encouragement I can get.