Choosing a college


I’m being indecisive now for college.

Either I choose a college that is...


- 20 minutes drive

- live at home/ commute to school from home

- tuition and such is around $3000, can be free due to FAFSA ( not sure yet )

- not really have personal space/ freedom

- constant phone called wherever I go, although they know and I check in



- 45 minutes drive

- live in dorm/ have a college life experience

- tuition is like $9000; with FAFSA can be around $3000 ( not sure yet )

- being able to live like an adult

I told my parents about the school and they said that, just living at home and commuting is fine and saves money, BUT the thing is I wouldn’t mind staying and commuting IF my parents weren’t always constantly on my back about every little thing. We live in a house, but like the walls are thin and like my brothers don’t understand what personal space and quiet is; they’re in 8th and 11th grade. Although I tell them, they don’t listen or have respect. I’m tired of having to do this and that for them with no appreciation.

The other reason why I’m being indecisive is because the 45 minute school is where my friend goes. I met his dorm roommate and like we got to know each other and started talking to each other and I feel like it’s going a good way. I’m worried that if we do breakup, it’ll be awkward for us seeing each other especially when I come over to you the dorm to see my friend.