Pregnancy differences?

Before i get started, i just want to say that i know every pregnancy is different. Anyways, I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (boy) and I have had absolutely 0 symptoms.. I’ve only felt flutters a few times but that’s literally it besides me having a little bump. All of my testing has came back negative for genetic abnormalities witch is good! BUT, I am a little worried because when I was pregnant with my first son (he’s 8mo) I was extremely sick from the start, ALWAYS felt movement even if it were just flutters so I always had that to reassure me that everything was okay. Ive always heard that you will show sooner with each pregnancy but I’m not as big as I was the first time..

I’ve only had one ultrasound at 6 weeks to confirm my pregnancy basically and to measure but I haven’t had one since. I am seeing a different doctor than I did with my first pregnancy, which I would get an ultrasound every time I would go, just to get a quick measurement to make sure my baby was growing properly. I know I might be over reacting or being paranoid but has anyone else experienced the same? I had a lot of issues at the beginning of this pregnancy with my hormone levels not adding up to the size of the baby as well as some bleeding and cramping in the earlier weeks. I asked my dr if I could get an ultrasound the next time I go in (a week from now) but they said no if his heartbeat is good... 🙄

Any advice??