Sex Academy (Part 10 - Three’s A Crowd)


Audrey knows Kris? My thoughts are screaming. Inside I’m hyperventilating, but I manage to maintain a cool facade.

“Oh yeah, she’s in one of my classes.” I say.

“You can join us for dinner, if you want.” Audrey offers.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

They can’t be around each other, especially not with me there. I can’t see Kris after she practically ran away after we made out. What if she tells Audrey what we did? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? Making out was the class assignment. But even I know we went further than required. Emotionally. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attached to her too.

What if Audrey told Kris about us having sex? And sort of being together? It’s not like that’s a secret anymore. Even if Kris didn’t see what happened, word has spread. The looks and the commentary I’m getting in the hallways say everything.

A sinking feeling of dread and guilt is taking over me. But at the same time, my feelings of jealousy are creeping in again. Audrey’s been ‘friends’ with gorgeous Kris for a while. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hadn’t dated before, but I can barely stand the thought of that. I need to find out more.

“Sure.” I say.

A week passes. I’m lying in bed Saturday morning, and a fresh wave of anxiety hits me. What the hell am I doing? Who cares if Audrey and Kris dated? It must have happened last year, if it even did happen. A making out was part of class! I have an excuse. Kris didn’t have to mean anything to me.

Except that she did. They both do.


I purposely signed up for study sessions in the library today, in the hopes that they would take too long and I would have to miss dinner. No such luck. It doesn’t even distract me from my current situation. Learning about BDSM takes me back to being chained in the stocks with Audrey. Studying foreplay keeps the feelings of Kris’s lips on mine swirling in my head. And relationships? It almost makes me want to sit down to dinner early.

When I get back from the three back to back study sessions, I collapse on my bed. Audrey is the only one in our room, already starting dinner. I lie there for a while, but I cannot stop overthinking everything that could possibly go wrong. Too restless to stay in bed, I go to take a shower.

While I bathe myself, I make a decision. I am going to tell Audrey that I’m really sorry, but I’m too busy for dinner and that I don’t want to intrude anyway. There.

I dry myself and put on on some sexy lingerie and little black shorts. There’s a cute tank top Audrey owns that I want to borrow.

“Hey Audrey,” I ask, walking out of the bathroom, “Can I -?”

Audrey and Kris are standing in front of the door, chatting.

I make eye contact with Kris, and give her what I hope is a friendly smile. Her eyes widen, probably more at my face than my chest. I consider ducking into the closet to pull on a top, but this bra is more conservative than have the clothes in there.

Audrey re-introduces us, and leads us to the dining table.

As Audrey walks in front of us, I grab Kris’s arm and lean into her ear to hiss, “Don’t you dare say a word.”

Kris nods stiffly without looking at me.

We sit down to dinner. I focus more on my plate than the conversation. We all move to the kitchen to have dessert. Before we’re served cake, there’s a lull that I take advantage of.

"How did you guys get into the same class last year?" I ask, trying to ask smoothly.

Kris looks at Audrey and nods, as if telling her it's okay.

"She failed Flirting Kissing Making Out because of how self conscious she was to kiss in public." Audrey says, somewhat apologetically.

I nod, glancing at Kris. She’s already staring back, her mouth twisted.

No one says anything for a while, and the silence is killing me.

“Okay, what is going on?” Kris asks. “Why are guys so awkward around each other?”

I need to tell her. I can’t keep this secret.

“Wait. What class do you have together?” Audrey asks.

I grit my teeth. “You should know. The one class she has to repeat. Flirting Kissing And Making Out.”

We’re staring at each other, frozen, when Audrey bursts out laughing. “What, did you have to kiss each other?”

“No,” Kris says quietly, “we wanted to kiss each other.”

Audrey looks down at her lap and clears her throat. “Well it’s not like we were exclusive or anything,” she says. “I don’t have a problem with it.”

We go quiet again for a while. That felt really good to get off my chest.

"Hey," Kris says nervously. "We have to tell you something too."

Audrey looks at her warningly, but Kris shakes her head. “She told you the truth. And she deserves to know.”

“Know what?” I ask suspiciously.

Kris blurts out, "We used to hook up."

For a moment, I can't speak. This absolutely confirms my jealousy. Audrey brought her ex over without even telling me! When she's supposed to love me.

What?" I yell, and then lower my voice to a hiss, "I thought you said you were a v- "

They both shush me. "Not like that," says Audrey. "We just made out a bunch."

"We were bored and horny." Kris admits. "After classes ended, we just drifted apart."

The sun is setting, and the darkening room boldens me.

"So you've never had sex with each other?" I ask.

Kris turns her face away, radiating embarrassment, but Audrey answers. "No," she says, "we didn't."

I lean back on the counter. I take in the people standing in front of me. I can’t stop my eyes from wandering to Kris’s legs and little skirt, and to Audrey’s strappy plunging halter top. "You know, I’ve always wanted to have a threesome."

Audrey stares at me, but it turns into a smirk. "And what better people to do it with."