Encouragement Needed


Mamas, I’m really at a loss here and don’t know how to explain how I’m feeling or what to expect in the months to come. My husband and I have both been serving in the Army for the past four years, and have been apart many times in the past. In March I gave birth to our firstborn, a beautiful baby girl. This coming Saturday, my husband is leaving for months on end and my heart is aching like it never has before. I am 10x more emotional and stressed about him leaving than I ever have been before. He left for a few weeks for field training back in June but I wasn’t nearly as tearful, upset or unprepared feeling as I am now. I feel like I’m being a wuss, for lack of a better term... I guess it stems from him leaving for several months as opposed to just a few weeks for the first time since we became a family of three... I am an emotional mess y’all and need any and all advice I can get please ❤️