Bf Calls me "Disgusting" For Discharge :/💔

*Warning , Pretty Graphic, Sorry❗️*

Soo. Yesterday me and my bf had sex, Normal, Whatever. He finishes and we clean up, and then I hear this -

Him : EWWW. What IS this? What the fuck eww. Oh my god. Ew. What the fuck is this!? EWWW

Me, Panicking : What happened ??

Him : WHAT IS ALL OF THIS ON MY DICK. It's white and clumpy.. Ewwww ughh get it offffff. Ewww this is disgusting this is gross blehhhh blah blah blah

So I go and see, And at the base of his dick, theres a lot of discharge, and other vaginal fluids that occur during sex. I wipe it off him, ME, and he keeps complaining about it for a while. We go to bed and I think that Everything is fine.

In the morning he comes and says this -

Him, kind of mad??: So what the fuck was that. It looked so gross. It was all clumpy. I'm making a doctors appointment. That was not normal. I know that wasnt me either so it must have been you. It looked actually disgusting and You should go to a doctor too.

Me, hurt af : It's discharge.. Calm down. I've had discharge forever, and it changes with stress, hormoes, and diet. I'm sorry it looked gross.

Him ; ...Youre disgusting.

I didnt really know what to say. I told him that its normal and nothing to freak out about. I've been having a REALLY hard time lately, and I'm incredibly stressed, Not eating well, and I'm a few weeks pregnant. (i dont intend on keeping the baby.)

I tell him all of this, and about how discharge is normal and he doesnt need to go to a fucking doctor. I apologized a BUNCH and I felt so horrible... Ive never felt more self conscious.

Am I In the wrong here ?? Like I dont know what I could have done differently? Like I know it looked gross, and I'm producing a lot of discharge, which is normal for me when I get stressed, and dont eat. Ive also heard its normal for it during pregnancy.

He made me feel really bad.. Like really bad. I cried and I felt so disgusting, and he just keeps making me feel worse and worse.

I dont have an std. Its my normal discharge, just a lot because of stress, and diet.

He keeps calling me and it Gross. Like I GET IT. I dont really know how to feel or what to do.

I just feel really really self conscious.

:( This sucks haha I feel pretty fucking awful.

Has anyone ever experienced this ? What did you do ? How did you feel ? Should I feel this make me feel as self conscious as it is right now ?? :/

Update!: ❗️

Thank you all for the positive & reassuring comments, I felt a lot better reading them😭

For those asking , We are pretty young , we're 19 , so he's definitely old enough to know about or be educated about women's bodies.

The conversation kept going and I tried my best to educate him on discharge and how different things can affect it and all of that,

And basically gave him a little sex ed lesson to which he didnt seem too interested , and more annoyed if anything , & just kept saying "ok sorry" to get me to be quiet

I'm still upset about it, We've been together a year now & he's never reacted that dramatically to anything sex related between us before.

except He does think its gross tho when his cum drips out of me. He's like "ewww.." and I'm like

"Ok ya ik, but Youre not the one having to feel it drip out😒" so thats annoying but it doesnt bother me too much

I know he can definitely be squirmish about that kind of stuff, but the discharge thing he just went too far in making me feel bad about it. I just wanted him to actually genuinely apologize instead of saying a dry ass "sorry" to get me to stop talking !!

I dont think I'll get one.

Anyways haha, Again THANK YOU to everyone sending me reassurance that I shouldnt feel bad for having a vagina !! I feel more empowered and confident and less upset about having a body.

Thank you everybody😌♥️