My husband wants a vasectomy

Alyssa • Mommy of the most perfect little boy! 💙

My husband wants to get a vasectomy instead of me being on birth control or getting fixed for a few reasons.

1- vasectomy is easier than a hysterectomy or other procedures.

2- i have a disease and can’t use birth control without being completely covered in hives the rest of my life. (Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria) I cant take any types of hormones or birth control and barely any medication.

We are sure right now we don’t want anymore children just the one we are pregnant with. But we aren’t sure if eventually we will want another. We do see ourselves with only one child though.

So I’m wanting to know because I’ve heard different things; are vasectomies reversible? Also is there another procedure with a different name that is reversible or is it only a vasectomy?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

Sorry if this is in the wrong group I didn’t know where to put it.