2 year wedding anniversary sex from heaven

So, my husband and I did the deed last night.

We have a 6 month old daughter,

I’m breastfeeding on demand, but she also gets cereal every other night.

Well, I’m not on any type of BC. I don’t like what it does to my body.

We have been doing the pull out method and he’s been wearing condoms.

Well, last night he went inside me briefly with no condom on. He didn’t cum, he just wanted to do a few pumps with no condom, I was like “no, put a condom on or get out of me. He sighed and put one on.

I said after sex “I wasn’t trying to ruin the mood. I just do not want to get pregnant again, and I can get pregnant from a tiny drop of precum.” He said “I know baby, I don’t want another baby yet either.”

I now have this sudden urge to buy pregnancy tests and take them even tho I know I’m not pregnant, or it wouldn’t show up right now since it’s sooo soon.

From what you have read, do you think I could have gotten pregnant?

I’m a worry wart.

*** I do not want to hear “well you should be more careful.”

I’m not here to get lectured, I’m here for advice and input.

If I wanted to get lectured I would call my mom .