Problem at 26 weeks

For the past week and a half I’ve been immensely dizzy, I haven’t been able to stand up a whole lot at all. I figured it was just vitamin lvl stuff, so I made an appointment with my normal doctor instead of my ob Bc they’re about an hour away and I can’t get there atm. I haven’t been able to eat a whole lot and just haven’t even felt like it. I sleep maybe 4 hours a day, twice two hours each. I just can’t stay asleep or sleep. I’ve also been struggling and really sad lately and super stressed. My moms worried it’s preeclampsia, but I’m honestly kind of thinking I might just be depressed. It might even be both. I’ve been having pain on one side and it hurts to the point where I almost go to the er, but I can feel him move and it goes away so I haven’t. I have a dr appointment tmr and I’ve been thinking about maybe even trying to reach out and get some kind of help because I feel completely at a loss. I’d really rather not take antidepressants, but my s/o wants me to do nothing with marijuana at all. I’ve respected that but he’s also insanely against pills of any kind, even ibuprofen for himself. He keeps telling me to wait it out but I can’t ignore it. Everyone keeps telling me how bad stress is and I don’t know what to do.