3 week old gagging??


He just turned 3 weeks today and he’s gagged a few times but just coughed or spit up and was fine. But yesterday my mom was holding him and he started gagging like he was going to throw up or spit up but then his whole body turned red and he looked like he wasn’t breathing like he was choking. He hadn’t eaten in at least an hour or so. Wasn’t sucking on a pacifier. He was actually asleep before. His eyes got really wide and his mouth was open. Wasn’t making any noises. And he looked so scared. My mom turned him over and was patting his back and then I took him and did the same thing. And he started crying. He didn’t even spit up or anything. But it was so scary. He didn’t even make any noises before hand or any signs. Anyone else have this happen? Is it normal? Why did it happen? I was so scared.