My bump

So I’m 30 weeks and about 4 days ago, I noticed that my bump wasn’t very noticeable anymore so I freaked out and went to the dr and they said baby is head down now. The dr said his head isn’t all the way down but she could feel it right above my pubic bone. I used to be able to feel my baby at night time. Especially while laying on my back, but over the past maybe 2 nights, my stomach is pretty flat. I felt him kick maybe once during the night last night. Is it normal to feel less fetal movement around 30 weeks? I thought it would happen more often now that he’s bigger. I’m just worried and need to know that this happens to others. When I was pregnant with my 3 year old, he got bigger and I got more uncomfortable as time went on. I felt him all the time and always knew where he was. I’m just worried. Please tell me this is normal.