DYING to Announce my Pregnancy!!


I’m 10 weeks pregnant with our first baby. As soon as i found out, i wanted to announce it but I kept it quiet due to the risk of miscarriage that early on. I went to my first ob appointment two weeks ago. There was a healthy heartbeat of 145 bpm. However, i was only 8 weeks along and still scared of miscarriage, so i kept it quiet again. Yesterday, i went to another ob appointment and once again, i saw a bigger baby, and a heartbeat of 159 bpm. Everything looks great, baby is growing the way it should be, and nothing to indicate that something will go wrong. I’m literally bursting at the seams but I’m still not out of the first trimester yet. Everyone keeps saying that i should do it when I’m comfortable, but i don’t know if I’ll ever stop being worried about miscarriage or stillbirth. I need advice 😩😩