Nauseous When Aroused


So, lately I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous while masturbating. I’m a virgin and have had 3 sexual experiences with guys and this didn’t happen (I mean, I probably just wasn’t that aroused 🤷🏾‍♀️). Anyway, my last session upped in intensity I guess because this time the nausea slapped me right in the face. I’m not a person who lets my body throw up all willy nilly (momma aint raise no bitch) and so I did what I do and pushed it down. Despite this I honestly thought that I might throw up all over my bed from arousal. What would I say to my mom. I also smoke THC carts frequently under her nose and I didn’t want her in my room.

Lucky I didn’t and took that as a green light to try again. Once again, when I start to get into it, the nausea puched me and puched me good. I threw up some stomach acid and it was gross. Why would this happen? Why did it start now? Has anyone else experience this?