Needa little work related advice ?

I’m 8 weeks pregnant with severe morning sickness that my doctor started treatment for. I’m sure some of you ladies know what I mean when I say I can’t eat or drink ANYTHING without it coming back up..I mean I don’t even have to eat or drink it comes up anyway and I’m dry heaving for half an hour💀 the job I have has a lot of lifting and a lot of bending down..I also woke with good that makes me just wanna gag constantly. My boss knows I’m pregnant and I already told her how bad it is but they keep giving me a really hard time at work about it. If I have to throw up or just take a minute break (it’s a fast paced service) I get shit from them🙄 if I need a few extra mins in the morning to work I get in trouble..meanwhile I’m throwing up in my car.

What could I do? I feel like I need to just leave the job but I wanted to wait till I was further along🙈 help