Anybody leave their husband but reconcile later? UPDATE

Jessica • Jesus is my Lord and Savior ❤

My husband has a sex addiction. He can't stop sexting women. After what I thought was a great weekend together I come to find out he actually went and hung out with one of these women he sexted on sunday! They both claim nothing happened and this is the first time Ive caught him hanging out with another girl. Even if nothing happened I'm not naive enough to think it won't ever happen again. As of right now I'm leaving. I cant keep going through this. He has opened the door for a lot more sin to come into our lives. My question is if anyone has had a seperation from their spouse but came back together? Should I just move on... Im just lost. 😔

He admitted that she sucked his dick. Im so heartbroken. There is no going back from this. I guess it was the push I needed to finally leave.