I Need Mom Friends!


Okay so I wanna start off to say I am 19 years old I graduated high school I do not work at the moment because I am pregnant with twins and I am also married. I only have two bestfriends one that isnt pregnant and one that has a baby, but I live far from them so i basically dont have any friends around to hang out with. The only problem that I have is that they both dont know what marriage is like or being in a relationship with the father in it and I feel like I'm bragging about how I'm married and me and the father are happy to have babies. I'm not saying they're not happy with my life they love that I'm married and is a soon to be mom. But I just wish I had friends that are married with kids or is a soon to be mom like me because there are certain things I would like to talk about to a friend that would possibly have the same experience with me and it's hard to find someone close in age because there's not a lot of women that are like 20 or 21 being married and have kids. Idk that's just how I'm feeling at the moment.