I’m getting upset I don’t know how to respond anymore

So I’m pregnant, 14 and a day.

My mom has had 8 children and my sister had 2. All 10 collective pregnancies resulted in serious life threatening hypermesis gravidarum. My mom had to have permanent ivs put in for 6 of us and my sister had it for her first pregnancy.

I’ll post an update, or someone will ask me how I’m doing and I’ll say that so far it’s been a living nightmare. I’m sick 24/7 and so far it’s just like my mom and sister. Instead of saying I’m sorry or something they go on these rants claiming that I need to try this and that.

I understand it comes from a good place, however when I explain I’ve tried that they get offended and push something else on me. I then get irritated. I had to quit my job because of how bad it’s been. I know there are methods that worked well for others, but they clearly aren’t working for me.

I don’t wanna sit here in my bed literally daily with my puke bowl. I imagined pregnancy differently. I was hoping it would skip me honestly.

My sister had her tubes tied after her 2nd and I thought she was crazy, but now that I’m living it I totally get why.

I’ll say things like I just want it out of me and I get told I’ll get it out then want another right away. When I say probably not I’m thinking we may just adopt after. I get rude comments or Snide remarks.

My parents adopted 4 kids and I don’t see anything wrong with adopting especially since fosters are in such dire need

How do you respond to people? I don’t even ask for the “help” most of the time, and most of the people lending their opinions, get all defensive when I tell them I’ve already tried to or it’s not getting better.