Love Cut Short


Absolutely In love with my man. He is supportive, protective and loving. All I’ve ever wanted in a man, no complaints. Sadly, The hardest realization I’ve ever made to comprehend is letting go of him.

He moved an hour away from me in June. Forward almost 3 months & my lover is stressing balancing work, traffic, home projects, social life... then me. I understand he wanted to reach his goal of owning a house. I never want to be someone who stops someone’s dream because I’m not involved so I decided to work it out with him.

Eventually, we had to talk. The talk turned out to be a good explanation on how this move is effecting our relationship. During that talk I took what he said to me with a grain of salt. “ You are not my priority, the house has all my attention because I want it to be done within the next year “ not only was the house the project but he is also looking into transferring jobs by his new home in order to cut out the stress of traffic 5 days a week. Leaving less time to see me during the week because atleast 2 times I bring my man lunch.

Yes, it hurt, I spent the next week soaking in the true what might possibly be the end of us... I don’t want to let him go but he made it clear, he will meet me whenever he still has energy. He is willing to call me during work breaks, after finishing home projects or on the road home.

~ we are about to hit 10 months.

I have all these questions ...

Why should I have him as a priority when I’m barely one to him. Yes he loves me. Yes he still wants to support and treat me good but all these obstacles are leaving me unhappy.

Hoping to get some feedback. This is going to stay long distance, I love him so much already. Cutting him out will rip me apart because we have plans. Should I fight until I can’t fight no more? Or am I over thinking what I’m feeling emotionally because I’m not getting attention. 😭