Weak vagina

I feel my vagina so weak, i been doing the Kegels exercise but I still don’t feel ny vagina strong enough, even when im working out and the gym and doing squats i feel my urine coming out a little😫 and my daughter just turned one. When i gave birth to my first daughter she was 7 pounds And my vagina went back to normal within two months but i was 25, now im 31 and my one year old daughter was 6 pounds and 13 onz so my question is why I haven’t get my vaginal back to normal?😢 if my daughter is one already would i ever get back to normal? Im the most insecure woman now when I have sex with my husband. Would my vagina be strong ever again? Can someone relate? Any comments that will help me i feel like im alone in this, like im the only one going through this and is so embarrassing